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Compiler Engineer/Static Code Analysis (remote)

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Compiler Engineer/Static Code Analysis (remote)

Location:  Anywhere (current employees based in USA, Canada, Ireland, and India)

Salary:  $200K - $250K base


Looking for a Compiler Engineer/Static Code Analysis expert to join a core team to develop the dataflow engine. Must have expertise in compiler design and static code analysis. Goal of the dataflow engine: run contextual questions about the usage of sensitive data at scale on the code repository.

Our client is a code scanning solution purpose-built for privacy that discovers personal data, use of data, data flows, leakages to logs & flags privacy issues in the code for Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) violations or common weakness enumeration (CWE) vulnerabilities. They connect with source code management tools like GitHub and, within minutes, provides visibility into data flows to privacy teams which otherwise would have taken months of back & forth with product managers & developers.

Our client is a remote-first company, they like to work async and give team members freedom over their work. They provide remote work from anywhere, medical insurance, unlimited PTO.

  • Design and scale core programming language analysis engine
  • Develop components to support new programming language
  • Understand language grammar and develop parsers to generate knowledge graph for the code
  • Optimize language analysis engine to meet processing SLA
  • Enhance language parsers to support different web development frameworks such Djano (Python) and Spring (Java)
  • Add support for language database connectivity frameworks such as JDBC, ORM, etc.
  • Add support for third party libraries (example: Amplitude, Segment)
  • Augment knowledge graph to establish vendor identity and location from “Infrastructure as code” configuration files
  • Work with Product and Engineering leadership to ensure robust coverage and accuracy for data flows
  • Develop internal tools to mine privacy & data security violations from large codebases at scale
  • Integrate existing language frontends into company code scanner
  • Maintain existing open-source language parsers and develop and sustain healthy relationships with the upstream OSS community by upstream contributions and community engagement
  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science (or relevant work experience as a security engineer and/or developer)
  • Solid experience with programming language (ideally one or more of the following: Scala, Java, Python, Golang, C)
  • Strong understanding of the static code analysis
  • Good understanding of modern compilers and parsers
  • Experience in one of the following is preferred: Control flow, Data flow and Information flow, Security research, Taint tracking
  • Experience developing/working on language parsers or static code analysis tools

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