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Sr. DevOps Engineer (REMOTE)

USA, USA · Information Technology
Title: Sr. DevOps Engineer Lead
Location: Kansas City, MO 64105 – 100% Remote USA
Terms: Direct Hire / Perm
Salary: Commensurate with Sr. Level Experience, targeting 170-200K
Level of Experience: 5-10 Years in DevOps in both On-Prem & AWS Cloud Environments
Industry: Technology, Security, Cloud
Start Time: Immediate
Status: Employees must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Verification of employment eligibility is required at the time of hire. Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.
DevOps Tech Stack: Java, Python, FastAPI, AWS, Terraform, ElasticSearch, HaProxy, LinuxOS, CentOS, RHEL, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Git, Bitbucket, Nexus, Yum, DevPi, OpenLDAP, PKI Keys, User Authentication, Kerberos, Cython, VMWare, VSphere, Grafana, HashiCorp Value, BURP, Agile, Confluence, JIRA.
Reports To: VP of Engineering
  • You will be working as a Sr. DevOps Engineer / DevOps Lead running the current on-prem DevOps system and getting them in a position to move that system to the Cloud. 
  • Initially, you will assess the current ecosystem and look for ways to improve performance and speed up build/deploy time-frames. 
  • This person would be curious and enjoy tinkering, getting under the hood, reverse engineering, and diving deep into systems to find inefficiencies or just a better way. 
  • You will be working in a cross-functional team setting to understand what works and what doesn't and help develop solutions for those use cases and improve their CI/CD productivity. 
  • This DevOps Engineer would also help manage the development ecosystem (app updates, security certificates, system admin automation, monitor alerts to get/keep apps in service). 
  • Strong understanding of LinuxOS, CentOS, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), encryption, and CI/CD operations. 
  • On the DevOps/Cloud side, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, VMWare, VSphere, Docker, Puppet, Python, and Shell Scripting for automation.
  • This person would also enjoy mentoring younger engineers, sharing knowledge, and being willing to listen and learn from other perspectives as well.
Throughout the product lifecycle, you will be involved from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution and implementation. The organization is made up of small teams to support agility and creativity. That said, they encourage dialogue among teams to share context, knowledge, research, skills, and experience, so you'll learn about many different aspects of each product.

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and documenting the Client's Operating System (FMOS) tools and utilities
  • Building command-line applications and web services specifically for using, configuring, and maintaining FMOS installations
  • Partnering closely with System Engineers to create an enterprise quality system that improves the experience for customers running FMOS

  • Strong object-oriented software development experience, specifically with the Python programming.
  • Extensive experience working with Linux or Unix-based operating systems.
  • Strong core Python coding skills, including understanding optimization, performance ramifications of coding decisions, and object-oriented design.
  • Experience with and working knowledge of command-line interface applications and RESTful web services.  
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills. Someone who can pick apart software, analyze it and become a subject matter expert.
  • Experience with configuration management utilities (e.g., Ansible, Puppet).
  • Build tools for continuous integration (Jenkins), Source control management, notably Git and Bitbucket, and collaborative development workflows.

  • Understanding of operating system (especially Linux) installation and deployment automation
  • Knowledge of Networking concepts, terminology, and familiarity with Firewalls, Routers, and Load balancers.
  • Create command line tools and web APIs using Python, Cython, C, C++, Vala, and Rust
  • Familiarity with Linux package management and distribution
  • Experience in LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory is a plus
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, SQLite
  • Experience with Continuous Integration using Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Docker, and VMware/VSphere
  • Understanding of IPsec for authentication and packet encryption
  • Understanding of X.509 security certificates and public-key cryptography
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or another related field of study.
  • Experience with AWS EC2 and Serverless solutions, including using Serverless.com, CloudFormation, AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit), AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service), Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), and Amazon Kinesis for ingesting large volumes of data.
  • Monitoring and Logging tools like Collectd, Graphite, Grafana, Elasticsearch, and Logstash

Covenant Consulting strives to attract, cultivate and retain exceptional talent. If you feel you are a match for the position, and are interested in a great growth opportunity, we encourage you to contact Shannon.McInnis@Covenant-Consulting.com

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Shannon McInnis
Sr. Technical Recruiter

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