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REMOTE- Rust Engineer

Remote, Remote · Information Technology
Design, development, review, testing, deployment of high-performance software in a small team in a successful, medium-sized, expanding 24- hour market-making company, applying and expanding your experience of cloud technologies and compile-to-machine-code and scripting language(s)

be flexible
  • we are a 24-hour company, and some small parts of your weekly calendar will be stretched outside the regular working hours for your timezone in order to communicate effectively with your team and with the organization as a whole
  • your tasks will vary, since we are a small team with heterogeneous 
be self-sufficient
  • you will look to take on tasks proactively
  • you will work independently for a significant proportion of your time, but always with a view to integrating your work with that of your colleagues; you will also look to work closely with your colleagues on tasks that will integrate with theirs
be collegial, confident, friendly and respectful
  • we are a high-performing team, within a high-performing organization
  • we are not afraid to challenge each other
  • we are not afraid to take on tasks that stretch us, nor to respond that we’re outstretched and obtain help
  • we are resilient and strong, and able to give and take criticism about each other’s work with polite candor and without affront
understand software quality and pursue it relentlessly, balancing this against expeditious project-management decisions attendant with a rapidly changing product domain. This will be obtained by:
  • good up-front decision-making by you and the team
  • recording of compromises for future remedy. We do not leave tech debt behind long-term
be pragmatic
  • you can take a simplest-first approach to one-off tasks
be lazy
  • when you find yourself doing manually a task you’ve done before, you’ll be inclined to spend the extra time to automate it, so you don’t have to do it again, and nor do your colleague
be curious and intelligent, because what we do is challenging, ever-changing, interesting, and kinda hard. But lots of fun.

NOTE: notwithstanding the fact that we are largely remote from one another, and operate over different time zones, we have a really positive happy culture, and we will not lose this to accommodate a “difficult” personality regardless of a candidate’s abilities and experience.

What You Need:
At least 4 years of commercial experience, including working on web systems and on systems with significant performance requirements. For this role, we are more interested in what you can be than in what you are.

We run a mainly Kanban process, balancing medium and long-term initiatives with adapting flexibly to rapidly-changing requirements.

A substantial number of the following:
  • HTTP, HTTP2; WebSockets
  • Compiled-to-machine-code language(s): C / C++ / Go / Rust; Multitasking, multithreading, and asynchronous programming
  • Scripting language(s): Python / Ruby
  • Cloud technologies
  • UNIX, esp. Linux; vim (though we welcome Emacsians, and users of IDEs)
Extra credit:
  • AWS
  • Confluence and Jira
  • Degree in technology


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