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Project Coordinator

Kansas City, Missouri · Construction/Facilities
Position: 2 Full-time Entry-Level Project Coordinators for 3 months
Pay Rate: $15/hr (max)
Type: Just a 3 month contract, chance for permanent hire afterwards. 
Interview Process: This will be a working interview. So basically, we make sure that the people we send to them are reliable, and there is no interview. You would go work for them immediately and they train you. You also get paid during the working interview. 
Staggered shift to cover when crews are in the field:
Hours for 1: 7AM to 4PM and every other Saturday 8AM to 4PM
Hours for 2: 9AM to 6PM and every other Saturday 8AM to 4PM
They are still trying to manage how these positions will only be 40 hours a week, they will most likely give you a day off each week.
Job Function: Watch Google Hangouts for crew production and quality control; provide feedback to crews, escalate through supervisor for field verification if necessary and update Google Ticket system.
They are doing a project for google; their construction crews are laying cables and they need two Project Coordinators to help everything run smooth. The technicians out in the field use Google Hangout to send information (pictures of what they did that day, etc). Project coordinators will be on the lookout for to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. Not rocket science 😊 Great opportunity for someone to start their professional career. Definitely a good chance for someone to create a career path in the Telecommunications Industry. 
Key Attributes/Skills:
Attention to Detail (THIS IS #1!)
Data Entry (~90% on data entry test)
Repetitive Tasks (each drop is a little different, but overall function is the same)
Multi-Tasking (one hangout management at a time, but many hangouts going on at once; each crew has own Google Sheet, Ticketing System screens, etc)
Inquisitive (must be able to ask questions and not just sit and wait on answer/someone else)
Fast paced, very busy day (show up, heads down, kind of job) 
Training/Location: OTJ/Office
Training will be over several days (and never ends. I'm still learning stuff!). Basic process is easy, but there is a lot to cover/learn. Thus, the willingness to dig in and ask questions. Telecom experience helpful, but not necessary.

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