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Data Scientist

Overland Park, KS · Information Technology
Title: Data Scientist
Location: Overland Park, KS 66210 (Onsite & Remote Options)
Terms: 3 Month Contract (Could be Extended or Possibly Go Perm)
Compensation: Commensurate with Experience
Background Check: Required
Travel: No
Data Science Tools: R, python, predictive modeling, building rules and scoring systems


We have an urgent need for a contract data scientist to design a Lead Scoring effort using predictive modeling.  There could be several phases to this project.  An overall description of what the situation is today can be found below. 

We are looking for a data scientist to design and build the lead scoring process to help us define initially and run a supervised machine learning (ML) model to define the initial scoring mode and then to be able to continue to capture data from a lead generator and/or run exhaust data thru the model periodically and update the rules in the lead provider’s system.  Phase 2 and 3 are less certain right now and would need to talk through this with a qualified data scientist (see descriptions below).
1)    We have a couple of business units that bid on leads on the open market.  The offer/bid process happens in a matter of seconds.  Today, we have static rules at the lead vendor to buy rules.  Unfortunately these rules are not robust and we are probably paying high prices for leads that may not be worth the price.  We receive lead data from a lead generator and ingest that data into SalesForce.  A sale in SalesForce or a transaction is connected to a lead record.  This lead record has approximately 100 attributes that the model would need to evaluate.

2)    Phase 1:  We are looking to build a machine learning models that evaluate 100’s of lead attributes that will inform and train a ML model to define and periodically refresh the rules for what leads to buy and how much to pay.  

3)    Phase 2:  We may want to capture Agent information against the lead attributes to determine if there are particular agents that have a propensity to close deals for particular leads based upon the same attributes

4)    Phase 3:  At a high level, we are considering building out the call routing such that our agent  phone system routes the right leads to the right agents.
Not sure of the duration of each phase.  A data scientist may be able to help us understand durations more effectively.

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